Vojislav Petkovic

About Work

When it comes to digital work, I consider myself freelance designer and developer specializing in the creation of websites and resumes that are both desktop and mobile friendly. For building websites my weapons of choice are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign for creating layouts then Sublime to produce clean semantic HTML5 and CSS3 supercharging it with PHP, jQuery and Ajax. If you are curious what I've done so far, take a look down below. Did I forget to mention to you that I am currently available for freelance jobs?! so if you have an exciting project going on, do not hesitate at all to get in touch with me.

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VP Logo

This is my new monogram logo for 2013-2014 with some awesome textures and brushes for additional flavor and soft finishing touch.


Yakinda is fully responsive coming soon template. It features progress bar, countdown timer and working subscription. It is also easy to configure.
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Simplito is responsive one page portfolio template. It features slideable resume, project planner and navigation menu. It also include testimonial page and 140+ font icons and much more. It is fully responsive and easy to configure.
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VPcard is responsive personal portfolio with clean design built using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It comes with four pre-made color schemes, filterable portfolio and downloadable resume. Did I mentioned it's a well documented?!
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This is my final project for the IST 361 Web development class which is basically re-design of my final project for the class that I took semester earlier (spring 2012). You can notice huge impovements that I made.
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This is previous design of my website. It is fully responsive and features filterable portfolio
version 3 version 2 version 1