Some of my personal projects & works

Simplito needs some final touches and it will be available for purchase soon
Simplito is responsive one page portfolio template. It features slideable resume and hire me page. It is fully responsive and easy to configure.

VPcard is responsive personal portfolio with clean design built using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It comes with four pre-made color schemes, filterable portfolio and downloadable resume. Did I mentioned it's a well documented?!

This has been my previous website design. It was fully responsive and featured filterable portfolio.

This is my final project for the IST 361 Web development class which is basically re-design of my final project for the class that I took semester earlier (spring 2012). You can notice huge impovements that I made.

BigCityTech is my personal IT blog built around WordPress. It's not responsive but it is highly customizable.

VPstore is my personal webstore built around WordPress as well. It's responsive and include few color schemes.

Bane Djokic is a Serbian singer and this was a project for his new website. The main feature was a fullscreen gallery background.

Footwave (2009) was my first built website. Because I am huge fan of house music it was dedicated to that kind of music. It's not active anymore.

I was hired to build logo and landing page for online gaming comunity.

MJankovic was my very first website build with html for my friend who was a soccer player. It didn't have any specific features.

This was the project for friend of mine who had his own company for computer repairs.